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vmars_chorus's Journal

Veronica Mars lyrical icon contest.
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Welcome to Veronica Mars Chorus, a lyrical Veronica Mars icon community based on the buffy_chorus challenge.

Each week, a new lyric is given. Members make a Veronica Mars icon based on the lyric, and submit. The members of the community will vote to determine the winner.

Anyone may join, enter, and vote, as long the following rules are followed:

1. You may only enter one icon per week.
2. Anyone using bases/blanks without credit will be banned from the community.
3. You must state the category you are nominating your icon in.


Best Application: The icon which best fits the lyrics.

Most Unique: The icon which takes the most original, fresh prespective on the lyrics.

Best Overall: The best icon entered that week, taking into account all aspects, application, originality, and style. If it could fit into both of the other categories, and you're torn, nom it here.

And finally, the voting periods:

Monday - Friday: Entries accepted
Saturday - Sunday: Voting

Results will usually be posted late Sunday night / Early Monday morning.

If you have any questions, be sure to ask your lovely, friendly, super-mods! lenabee or adventurous.

Be sure to check out our sister community: vmars_challenge

Affiliates: veronica_icons, vmars_challenge